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Online teaching portal


Online Teaching Portal Student now days are more reliable on google for their queries , but it takes a lot of time and effort to search and find an appropriate and satisfying answer.Online teaching portal/Website with a whiteboard ...

Online Doctor Appointment


Online Doctor Appointment This starts with helping them find the best doctors and culminates into a single intelligent healthcare account for the entire family that securely stores all their healthcare data so they can make better ...

Blind Meeting Restaurant


Blind Meeting Restaurant By registering to a website including personal infos and connecting with your social accounts like facebook and twitter the site make suggestions of blind profiles or automatcly match you with another person ...

Earn money by rating apps in app/play store


Earn money by rating apps in app/play store A good position in the ranking of apps in app stores is very important for companies that write and sell apps. For a good ranking its important to have a lot of downloads and good reviews. So ...

Something A Day


    Something A Day A social network similar where people post one thing that they learnt each day. There is a character limit of say 200 on what you can post and it simply comes up in the feed as a speech bubble from that person. ...

Female taxi company


Female taxi company A taxi company that employs only female taxi drivers and is aimed at women that need a taxi especially when going home on their own after a night out. It would be a safe option for all the women that feel nervous ...

Fast food delivery


Got a taste for Burger Kings or Mc Donalds? Order online, and get it at your door steps in 30 min. Check list of participating restaurants. Project report consists:- - Operational expenses. - Annual projections. - Promotional expenses. ...

Home Medical Analysis System


Imagine an in-home system that helps humans “analyze” their entire physiology and make recommendations on an intelligent preventative lifestyle that harnesses all the current medical knowledge available over the internet. ...

Grocery Delivery


I’d like to make an app/website that is similar to Uber/Lyft, but with groceries. There are a lot of times where I need something from the grocery store, but have worked all day and don’t feel like getting out and buying a ...

Personal Teacher


We are at a turning point in the Education history. The online eduction is exploding, and the traditional education system will have to update itself very soon. I’m dreaming of a personal teacher, a physical tool that you can ...

Don’t eat alone


First, while there are many nice friendly people around us we barely get a chance to talk to them and get to know them, because we’re too busy or shy to initiate a conversation, among other reasons. Second, I observed that many ...

Mobile app for catching bus


I hate that moment when you see your bus leaving right in front of you and then have to wait for 15 minutes in the cold. I would like to have a mobile app that would tell you every 30 s or 1 minute: “Your bus is leaving in 4 ...



Some people keep them in their wallets Some people keep them in shoeboxes Most people are frustrated with keeping them organized. It gets worse when you are looking for this one particular receipt as you go through piles of paper ...



I would like to have mobile app which will help me to fill my car by people (co-riders) if I go somewhere. We can share costs, be eco and meet new people. There are car-sharing and ride-sharing services available but none of them is ...

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