Add-On Cards For Computer
[ <5 lkh]

The use & implication of computer & digital communication are increase very fast as compare to early 70s. The state of an art of technologies adopted to interlink the system or modify particular systems character. The use of Add-on cards improves the systems equipment flexibility for modification of system capability, functions and utility with ease for maintenance and servicing. These cards are not used by the Telecom, computers and instrumentation sectors. The application are used for the Add-on cards include data logging, process control, meteorology, energy management, product testing, laboratory & medical instruments. The popular computer application include I/O cards, A/O or D/A conversion cards and real timeless application cards While the telex & fax cards provide an extension of their utility by increasing their memory and speed or by making compatible with on PCs.

Project details:-

Total project cost(Approx) 5,00,000/-
Equipment cost(Approx) 2,50,000/-
Land Required(sq.ft)
Subsidy Not-Available
Funding Self finance
Required Equipment Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter Analogue Multimeter, Modern Boards, Installation & Electrification Electrification, Furniture, Service Table, Tools, Software,Figs, Fixtures, Soldering/de-soldering

Project report consists:-

– Appx. space required.
– Civil infrastructure details.
– Operational expenses.
– Legal Permits.
– Annual projections.
– Packing details
– Promotional expenses.
– Marketing
– Fund
– Subsidies available.
– Insurance details.

*No.of Project report pages:15-20

For details:-

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