Now a days there is new trend to decorate the houses/hotels offices with fancy terracotta articles. Some small as well as big designed terracotta articles can be displayed in the living room, offices or in the entrance of hotels. Similarly utility wares like sheetal pot, water filters, cooking & serving pots, Garden pots & Kullhars can be used for various purpose and have good market demand in rural as well as in urban area.




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Project details:-

Total project cost(Approx) 4,00,000/-
Equipment cost(Approx) 2,50,000/-
Land required(sq.ft) ---
Subsidy Available
Funding Self finance
Required Equipment (Wooden Moulds, Up-draugst with Shed,
Shailla Wheel, Potter Wheel. Tools etc



Project report consists:-

- Appx. space required.
- Civil infrastructure details.
- Operational expenses.
- Legal Permits.
- Annual projections.
- Packing details
- Promotional expenses.
- Marketing
- Fund
- Subsidies available.
- Insurance details.

*No.of Project report pages:15-20



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