Manufacturing Of Hair Oil

All are very much aware of the hair health and al are using different types of hair oil to maintain their hair health. Good quality hair oils have high demand in the market. Accordingly to the need of the place right type of oil herbs are to be mixed and the qualitative product if pa-dad attractively can sell like hot cake.




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Project details:-

Total project cost(Approx) 8,00,000/-
Equipment cost(Approx) 2,00,000/-
Land required(sq.ft) 500
Subsidy Available
Funding Self finance
Required Equipment (Boiling kettle with stirrer, Bottle cap sealing machine,
Filtering unit, Storage tank etc.


Project report consists:-

- Appx. space required.
- Civil infrastructure details.
- Operational expenses.
- Legal Permits.
- Annual projections.
- Packing details
- Promotional expenses.
- Marketing
- Fund
- Subsidies available.
- Insurance details.

*No.of Project report pages:15-20



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